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DATE: January 10th, 2017


ADDRESS: 203 Pierce street, Birmingham, MI 48009

WEBSITE: http://www.eatattoast.com/

CHEF: Christopher Gadulka

OFFERS: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

SERVICE: Sit down

PRICE RANGE: $$ - $$$

PIG SCORE: 3.9 / 4.0


  • Chicken and Waffle benny

  • Bacon fried rice


I’m going to be shamefully and brutally honest, when I thought Detroit, I didn’t think of a culinary hot spot. But, on my recent trip to the motor city, a few special places made me stop and take notice, and more importantly changed my opinion on the food in Detroit. Their food scene has potential and is quietly on the rise of becoming a great American food city.

While searching for early American culinary trends and where to eat when in Detroit, I stumbled across a menu from a little restaurant located in the outskirts of the city. Their breakfast menu had a few creative twists on classic dishes. One dish in particular, Bacon fried rice as a breakfast, caught my eye. I was intrigued. On one hand, it is a crazy thought: fried rice is a Chinese main meal or side dish, but on the other hand it makes total sense. Fried rice is just a mixed up rice dish with egg; add bacon and you have yourself a breakfast. This dish alone fascinated me so much that I ear marked this restaurant as a must stop.

So often when I see a creative concept like this on a menu I end up disappointed. The dish is usually great in concept, but short on delivery. However, this was not the case. Toast delivered an Imaginative interpretation of the classic Asian leftover dish in a breakfast format. The well-chosen ingredients, Fragrant basmati rice adorned with various pickled vegetables, thick quality bacon strips, spicy kimchi, sautéed spinach all topped with a perfect sunny side up egg, provided a startling balance of opposing tastes and delivered a great breakfast experience.

Although the Bacon Fried Rice was extremely satisfied to my taste buds, I had to force myself to stop eating the dish. As I pushed it aside, my second entrée showed up: fried chicken ‘n waffle eggs benedict. Yes, you read that correctly. A fresh American waffle that was topped with a fried chicken breast, poached egg, sausage gravy and a drizzle of Michigan maple syrup. The syrup, in my opinion, is the genius addition that pulls the dish all together. The concentrated sweetness of the syrup contrasts the rich gravy perfectly. The playful nature of this dish made me want to try it, and the quality of the delivery made me love it.

In my opinion, Toast is a rare example of a restaurant where both creativity and execution are at a high level. Toast is a key player in the budding Detroit culinary scene that America will start noticing soon. Find yourself in Detroit? Make time for the short trek to Birmingham and treat yourself to one of the most satisfying and creative breakfasts you will have.

For more on my adventures across America go to www.pigspick.com

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Call me Pig, it's not my real name, but it will do for our purpose.  As you'll find out, I'm a research chef, not a blogger. I travel the country looking for new trends and documenting great American independent restaurants.

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